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Apart from normal routine maintenance, one of the most pressing issues for 996 and Boxster owners is the mysterious engine failures caused by this thing called the "Intermediate Shaft Bearing" or IMS. While there is a lot of controversy over the needed replacement of this an other parts for the 1999-2005 911 and Boxster engines, there is one thing that must be stressed here - if it fails, the damage to your expensive engine will be severe.

Here at the Nort Northam Collection, we have developed an effective aftermarket solution to the IMS bearing situation. Using the best quality replacement parts that have been developed specifically to fix this issue, we can service your car and take the worry away. We also check for worn chain tensioners, another trouble spot, and can replace worn parts if needed. The water pump was initially designed with a plastic impeller which can break up over time and clog the engine’s cooling system. We can replace the pump with a metal-impeller pump. With the engine removed, we can also check other parts and replace the clutch if needed, saving you from having to pay duplicate labor costs by combining service items. We care about you, your car and your wallet!

Stop by and see how we can solve your service issues economically while ensuring quality work with quality parts!